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By: bernhold  on: Thu 15 of Sep, 2005 [17:14 UTC]  (2414 reads)
Instructions for MeetingPlace Desktop Sharing Tool
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By: System Administrator  on: Thu 04 of Aug, 2005 [21:57 UTC]  (2215 reads)
When you register you will be asked for a registration passcode. The password is the last name of this handsome devil, all lower case.
CCA in SciDAC follow-on
By:   on: Thu 05 of May, 2005 [19:43 UTC]  (2069 reads)
This is a place to get your ideas out there for the prospective CCA2 proposal. As we discussed there are two categories:
  1. Core infrastructure and
  2. New research and add-ons to CCA.

Please choose one or the other, even though they may switch categories in time.

CCA Tools now supports X86_64 Linux, Mac OSX, x86 Linux
By: Rob Armstrong  on: Wed 20 of Apr, 2005 [20:52 UTC]  (2122 reads)
Release 0.5.8 expands the port base to these platforms. Download from here or this specific release and confirm the MD5 checksum.
More info on CCA Tools here.

Note: In later news MacOSX has a problem with cpp causing Fortran not to build correctly, I'm working on it...
CCA Tools Ebuild's
By: rob  on: Thu 03 of Mar, 2005 [14:42 UTC]  (2285 reads)
A complete set of ebuilds for Gentoo ...
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