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Winter 2006 Agenda

Winter 2006 CCA Forum Meeting, Hotel Serrano, San Francisco, CA
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Please feel free to edit your agenda items. If you want to add an agenda item, go ahead but please let Rob Armstrong know. If it seems that your item has disappeared (and we didn't discuss it) look harder, it may have been rearranged into a different slot. If it still doesn't seem to be there, someone (probably Rob) deleted it by mistake. Let Rob know.

Newcomers to the CCA Forum are strongly encouraged to present a short introduction to their research and interests as they relate to the CCA.

Remote Participation Information

Telecon 877 701 0943 code 148036

MeetingPlace ID: 2778

If you're interested in participating remotely, please email to indicate what you're interested in. will be the channel for last-minute info and feedback

PreMeetings: Wednesday 25 January 2006

TSTT Tutorial
Morning, exact times TBD
Contact Lori Diachin, LLNL

CCA2 Proposal Discussions
Contact David Bernholdt, ORNL

1pm CQoS

2pm HPC (phone)

3pm Toolkit - Distribution & Build

4pm Toolkit - Components

CCA Forum: Thusday 26 January 2006
Begin 9:00am

Welcome and Where's the Bathrooms
Rob Armstrong, SNL

Rob Armstrong, SNL

The Next CCA Meeting, in Hoosier Country
Randy Bramley, Indiana

Schedule Winter 2007 CCA Forum Meeting
Rob Armstrong, SNL

Enabling efficient and flexible coupling of parallel scientific applications using Seine
Li (Lily) Zhang, TASSL, Rutgers University

Babel 0.11 and Roadmap to 1.0
Gary Kumfert, LLNL

Provides an overview of all the new features and changes in Babel 0.11.0. It will also review a bit of Babel history and discuss changes in store as we run up to Babel 1.0

Babel RMI
James Leek, LLNL

Babel Remote Method Invocation (RMI) is now complete and ready to use. This talk will cover the using Babel RMI to turn your applications into distributed applications. There will be a separate BOF on Friday for folks wanting to wrap their own networking protocol of choice in the Babel RMI API. Babel 0.11.0 ships with a simple TCP/IP-based implementation but we welcome contributions for future distros.

Integrating Babel into XCAT
Madhusudhan Govindaraju, Binghamton Univ.
This talk will present plans for incorporating BabelRMI into XCAT-C++. It will discuss the design changes that will be needed in XCAT-C++ to use SIDL, Babel (Remote) Objects, Babel API for remote object creation, remote method invocation, code generation, etc.

Converting from (D)Cxx to UCxx
Thomas Epperly, LLNL

The original C++ binding to Babel is now renamed DCxx (D for Deprecated, hint, hint). It will not be present in the upcoming Babel 1.0 release, and it does not enjoy the full set of features available with all other 0.11 bindings. UCxx will be the default 1.0 C++ binding and now is the time to start converting all the existing C++ code to use it. This talk will focus
on what has to be done to effect this transition in your own Impls.

Prototype Specification for CCA PCI
Jay Larson, ANL

A unilateral draft specification for CCA Parallel Coupling Infrastructure (PCI) is offered, SIDL and all. It looks a bit--but not entirely--like MCT.

The Center for Technology for Advanced Scientific Component Software (TASCS)
David Bernholdt, ORNL

Colloquially known as CCA2. Here is a brief update for those of you who are not intimately involved in developing the proposal. If you want to participate in CCA2 discussions, they will occupy nearly every spare moment from about noon Wednesday through noon Friday.

Lunch Break (on your own)

CCA2 Proposal Discussions

1pm Environment - Enhancements

2pm Environment - Usability

3pm PCI (phone)

4pm Software Quality

PCI Meeting
Randy Bramley, Rob Armstrong

Late afternoon meeting of the PCI initiative people. This will help coordinate with a related institute.

End 5:00pm

CCA Forum: Friday 27 January 2006
Begin 9:00am

9:00a Merging CCA into a Web Service Oriented Architecture
Wei Lui, Indiana Univ.

9:30a BOF: How To Implement Custom Protocols in BabelRMI

9:30a BOF: cca lite

10:30a BOF: Event (service) Proposals

End 12:00 noon

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