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Spring 2006 Agenda

Spring 2006 CCA Forum Meeting, Indiana Memorial Union, Bloomington, IN
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Please feel free to edit your agenda items. If you want to add an agenda item, go ahead but please let Rob Armstrong know. If it seems that your item has disappeared (and we didn't discuss it) look harder, it may have been rearranged into a different slot. If it still doesn't seem to be there, someone (probably Rob) deleted it by mistake. Let Rob know.

Newcomers to the CCA Forum are strongly encouraged to present a short introduction to their research and interests as they relate to the CCA.

Remote Participation Information

Telecon 877 701 0943 code 148036

MeetingPlace ID: 2259

If you're interested in participating remotely, please email to indicate what you're interested in. will be the channel for last-minute info and feedback

Pre-Meeting (Coding Camp): Monday-Wednesday 24-26 April 2006

To be held in 101 Lindley Hall. No fixed agenda. See Randy's web page for more info.

CCA Forum: Thusday 26 January 2006
Begin 9:00am

Welcome and Where's the Bathrooms
Randy Bramley, Indiana

Rob Armstrong, SNL

The Next CCA Meeting, in the Great Smoky Mountains
Jim Kohl, ORNL

Schedule Spring 2007 CCA Forum Meeting
Rob Armstrong, SNL

The Center for Technology for Advanced Scientific Component Software (TASCS) and SciDAC
David Bernholdt, ORNL

A very brief update, for those lucky few who were completely out of touch with the SciDAC2 process. confused

I'm Having Problems Building the CCA Tools. Please Help!
David Bernholdt, ORNL

New users of CCA often need help, starting with building and installing the tools. Our current approach to supporting new users is inadequate because (a) users don't know where to go for help, and (b) it is too easy for user requests to fall through the cracks because everyone thinks someone else will respond. Here's a proposal for discussion.

Babel 0.99.0 (aka Babel 1.0rc1) cool
Gary Kumfert, LLNL

We are proud to announce the first release candidate for Babel 1.0. This release (formally version 0.99.0), is the first release to satisfy all the requirements negotiated in the Babel 1.0 release criteria, and is a nontrivial upgrade from the 0.11.x series. The parser is completely rewritten. Significant additions to SIDL have been made. The UC++ binding is promoted to the only C++ binding and the original (D)C++ binding is dropped. XML encoding has been tweeked. Command line behavior of the code generator has also been improved.

CCA Event Specification
Ayla Khan, Utah

A review and discussion of CCA event specification proposal

CCA 1.0 Specification
Ben Allan

What is necessary for CCA 1.0? Ben will present some of his ideas and lead an open discussion. Toward a 1.0 Environment.

End 5:00pm

CCA Forum: Friday 28 April 2006
Begin 9:00am

This is usually reserved for BOF's decided on the previous day. This space will be updated when the decisions are made.

End 12:00 noon

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