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Requirements and options for CCA Tools install ...
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Requirements: gcc 3.2 or later, Sun or Blackdown Java 1.4 or later.

This distro comes with the cca specification plus psuedo-specification
classic (if you don't know what it is it probably doesn't matter).
Make sure that javac and java (>= j2sdk1.4) are in your path. Now, if
you just type: "configure --with-localsrc;make" in the top level,
everything will make including the Babel distribution (requires
internet connection). You should consider the --with-localsrc as a
failsafe, it will not build in Fortran90, or MPI support.

Initially this distribution was intended for a user's own local
install. Since then a number of people wish to install it in standard
places requiring root access. Because this top-level "make" both
sequentially builds and installs the CCA tools from the single
"make" command, it is risky to do all of this as superuser. As a way
of getting around this, give yourself "sudo" privleges and, instead of
typing "make", type:

"make SUDO_PROG=sudo"

while logged as your normal user. The "sudo" command will be used for installs only: building,
cleaning and configuring will be done as your normal user. Sudo may
prompt for a password, but only once.

There are a variety of different options exclusive of "localsrc" and
it is useful to type: "configure --help" to find all of them. These
options fall into two categories: language support for Babel/Chasm and
library support for Ccaffeine.

1) Babel support.

If you wish to enable Fortran 90 support:

where VENDOR is one of:
Absoft (Absoft)
Alpha (Hp Compaq Fortran)
Cray (Cray Fortran)
GNU (gfortran)
IBMXL (IBM XL Fortran)
Intel (Intel v8)
Intel (Intel v7)
Lahey (Lahey)
SUNWspro (SUN Solaris)

--with-F90=/path/to/fortran-compiler <Program that compiles F90>.

Both of these options must be set to compile in F90 support. The
configure script will make no attempt to discover Fortran90 compilers
on its own. It is very important to source the setup code for your
particular compiler and be sure that the ".so" libraries for your
compiler appear in LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

Python (version > 2.2) support should be automatic.

Of course if you already have Babel configured the way you want it
(>=0.9.4 is a must for this tarball) then you will probably just want
to build the ccaffeine and specifications by themselves in this
distribution by itself with custom configurations. If you have a non-default place for In this case
Fortran 90 options will be ignored.

2) Ccaffeine support.

--with-mpi=MPI_ROOT where MPI_ROOT/bin/mpirun exists.

Tell Ccaffeine where your MPI is. This distribution will otherwise
attempt to locate MPI on its own. Use this option if it is finding
the wrong one.

Platform dependent Information


Should just work.


Right now the sumo will build with gfortran binaries. There are reports that Absoft and Intel fortran fails for MacOSX but I do not have these compilers to test.


Listed here are recent issues with the CCA Tools Sumo Tarball.

  • Many reports exist that Babel does not work with some versions of j2sdk 1.5.x

  • cca-tools-0.5.9_rcx has a chasm bug that looks like:

/usr/bin/install -c -m 644 xform/cca-f90.sidl.xsl /home/rob/cca/tar-staging/install/share/xform
/usr/bin/install: cannot stat `xform/cca-f90.sidl.xsl': No such file or directory
make[1]: *** [install-share] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/u/home/rob/cca/tar-staging/build/cca-tools-0.5.9_rc2/chasm_1.3.RC1'
Chasm failed to install

Ignore this. It still produces a usable Chasm and does not affect the rest of the installation.

Created by: system last modification: Saturday 13 of August, 2005 [00:00:36 UTC] by rob

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