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Collaboration Resources

Pointers to various resources available to CCAers to facilitate collaboration
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  • Telephone conferencing
    • Telephone conferencing services are widely available. Many organizations have contracts that allow teleconferences to be setup on a one-time basis, and it is also possible to obtain dedicated 24x7 conference lines if you use them frequently.
    • A number of CCA Forum members have dedicated conference lines that might be used for CCA-related teleconferences if you don't have any other way of setting one up.
      • Rob Armstrong (SNL)
      • David Bernholdt (ORNL)
      • Gary Kumfert (LLNL)
  • MeetingPlace web sharing
  • Jabber instant messaging
    • CVS & SVN repositories
    • Web space
    • Shared computational platform
    • Roundup issue trackers for tracking CCA issues

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