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Ccaffeine Overview
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The general user will want to install Ccaffeine via the CCA Tools Sumo Tarball. This build checks for the correct babel and downloads it if it doesn't exist plus several other convenient things.

Bug reports for Ccaffeine should go to our bug tracker.

This is for stuff related to the CCA compliant framework, Ccaffeine. Click the little arrow next to the house above or go to CcafeInstall to find out about the typical use of Ccaffeine.
You may want to investigate CcafeInstallNeo if you are interested primarily in C++ or must use a platform unsupported by Babel.

We have another page CCA Specification Development about the cca spec.

Babel-enabled versions of Ccaffeine require a properly built Babel; see Babel Install.

Bocca is probably far and away the best route to using Ccaffeine for the inexperienced.

Advanced Ccaffeine Usage

Toward a 1.0 Environment


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