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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
492 106 months ago ccafe-config claims it doesn't recognize variables it should chatting norris  
499 83 months ago Java component dependence on MPI-related settings unread norris  
497 99 months ago dies on a "shift" when using ubuntu dash chatting rob baallan
496 36 months ago Summary Command #4046 unread norris  
486 43 months ago babel-1.0-static needs configure support for linux unread baallan baallan
498 99 months ago babel binding of connectionevents doesn't send events unread baallan baallan
471 100 months ago pipe read/write deadlock chatting welu baallan
495 104 months ago long argument name warnings when building f90 clients from ccafe.sidl chatting norris baallan
466 116 months ago crash when uses port not defined chatting norris  
16 124 months ago python build/install inadequate in-progress baallan baallan
468 140 months ago multiple connect poorly handled. chatting baallan baallan
462 141 months ago libxml2 include path not specified in cxx/obj makefile chatting norris baallan
504 15 months ago Looking For The Causes For Hair Loss unread brentknibbs  
502 20 months ago Test problem solving unread highpec  
469 25 months ago print versions in ccafe startup for babel, specs   baallan  
478 100 months ago bg/l portability chatting baallan baallan
500 9 months ago Bug #493 unread jlofanman  
503 18 months ago Claim Delayed Flight Compensation chatting bestflightdelaycompensation  
467 25 months ago command line wants --load, --path   baallan  
10 25 months ago LAM MPI, LA-MPI, OpenMPI, mpich2, ibm-mpi support   baallan  
501 25 months ago Bug Wget2.32 unread Tom782a  
451 116 months ago more readerfriendly output summary at end of configure done-cbb baallan baallan
472 135 months ago End-message notation of output of muxer chatting welu  
461 142 months ago ccafe should autoprobe for cca-spec-babel-config rather than forcing the user to specify it deferred epperly  
11 153 months ago dynamic loading babel component failures hard to diagnose. chatting baallan  
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