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188 71 months ago tutorial build fails: solved (issue 187) chatting hartmut.kapitza  
187 71 months ago tutorial build fails unread hartmut.kapitza  
185 77 months ago CCA Tutorial chatting sce  
184 82 months ago [Toolkit-wg] Problems to make projects chatting baallan  
117 94 months ago run-gui does not handle multiple users on the same machine chatting baallan baallan
186 76 months ago Problem chatting Karl  
164 83 months ago problem with cca installation done-cbb norris2  
97 71 months ago implement pde.viewers.Viz2D done-cbb baallan  
153 71 months ago Ongoing problems with libgd done-cbb bernhold  
182 82 months ago Erroneous HTML generated for HOG table 2.1 unread bernhold  
181 82 months ago Erroneous HTML generated for HOG section 6.4 unread bernhold  
178 93 months ago Tutorial builds should pick up MPI details from other configs unread bernhold  
170 94 months ago User instructions are written for bash unread bernhold  
177 94 months ago Create an abstract for each exercise unread bernhold bernhold
168 94 months ago Is 'relocation' of built tutorial code trees general? chatting bernhold elwasif
175 94 months ago parameter port exercise requested chatting bernhold  
171 94 months ago contract exercises requested chatting bernhold dahlgren1
169 94 months ago Avoiding port conflicts when using GUI unread bernhold  
165 95 months ago productized diff/merge scripts from tutorial unread baallan  
118 104 months ago example of function pointer wrapping needed. chatting baallan baallan
95 104 months ago translations for pde.RHScombiner chatting baallan baallan
96 104 months ago translations for pde.Diffusion unread baallan  
92 104 months ago translations for pde.ICspots chatting baallan norris
93 104 months ago translations for pde.ICcoords chatting baallan elwasif
161 106 months ago Document relocation/reinstallation of built bocca projects chatting bernhold bernhold
142 106 months ago FOR ACTS: Visualizing phi0, phi1? chatting bernhold  
159 106 months ago HOG: update PDE visualization instructions unread bernhold bernhold
155 106 months ago Clarify use of CCAFE_USE_MPI unread bernhold  
150 106 months ago java windows unsupported chatting baallan  
127 109 months ago hello array world all languages unread baallan  
126 109 months ago hello string world all languages chatting baallan  
121 109 months ago rmi component examples requested chatting baallan  
113 110 months ago doc for how to refer to an outside component/project chatting baallan norris
102 110 months ago implementation for pde.BCconstant done-cbb baallan baallan
105 110 months ago implementation for pde.ICbzchem done-cbb jaray jaray
25 111 months ago Update MPI exercise deferred bernhold baallan
104 111 months ago extension for pde.IC1 unread baallan baallan
101 111 months ago extension for bsl.arr unread baallan baallan
100 111 months ago implementation extension for pde.MeshCxx unread baallan baallan
47 116 months ago legacy f90 example (midpoint) chatting baallan  
46 116 months ago Writing style for filenames chatting bernhold  
40 117 months ago HOG: add new components to task0.rc unread bernhold bernhold
116 82 months ago using user components in same gui as canned set chatting baallan rob
94 82 months ago 1d to 2d / 3d array wrapper unread baallan  
119 82 months ago python array usage is utterly undocumented. unread baallan  
148 82 months ago 3.6.2 valgrind use with tests needs to be errata'd if not available. chatting baallan  
183 82 months ago Weird HTML generation in HOG section 4.3 unread bernhold  
179 88 months ago Document "ccafe as library" usage unread bernhold  
154 100 months ago HOG: Better setup instructions chatting bernhold bernhold
151 100 months ago permission denied (perr0, pout)) redirection == user error chatting baallan  
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