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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
25 43 months ago Bad value for CCASPEC_SHARED_LIB unread norris  
7 115 months ago needs to take an arbitrary number of Babel class names chatting epperly elwasif
19 42 months ago .cca file depl file format needs to allow tools to convert a sidl symbol to lib, include unread baallan  
21 43 months ago in the xml generator, pick up shared lib suffix from babel config unread norris  
22 105 months ago neocca compile problems in Fedora9 (running gcc4.3) chatting norris baallan
18 115 months ago Bad value for CCASPEC_STATIC_LIB chatting elwasif baallan
11 125 months ago libtool -rpath error on Mac OS 10.3 in server/Makefile.babel chatting norris  
10 127 months ago cca-spec-babel xml degradation poor chatting baallan baallan
23 104 months ago main generator in ccagm needs the f90 subclass filled in unread baallan  
17 115 months ago improved alternative to parameter port/bean properties chatting baallan  
15 117 months ago simplify/improve ccaexception and reconcile w/sidlruntimeexception. unread baallan  
8 142 months ago cca-spec-babel's configure should check the path for babel-config deferred epperly  
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