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257 86 months ago bocca command line tests report success incorrectly unread norris  
249 99 months ago bocca incorrectly wraps java and C comment lines done-cbb norris1  
233 106 months ago need to handle circular dependencies in build system chatting norris norris
220 107 months ago dependencies on sidl problem (py bug) affects static linking generation testing baallan  
227 108 months ago bocca class --extends bug for requires list force method chatting baallan baallan
229 108 months ago bogus scl generation in old ccaffeine style .cca files unread baallan baallan
251 94 months ago Bocca should use deployment info for managing external symbols chatting norris sptramer
168 104 months ago need tests for --import-sidl and --import-impl in-progress norris  
199 113 months ago bocca ate my sidl edit chatting baallan baallan
192 115 months ago Error propagating symbol renames to --requires dependent testing elwasif elwasif
259 84 months ago Build hangs generating python client code for enum testing hutton.eric norris
258 86 months ago make install-check is broken (no rc file) unread norris norris
256 86 months ago cca header files not found testing huttone norris
250 98 months ago Duplicate provides port in component creation unread elwasif  
234 98 months ago implements-all vs implements and abstract classes chatting baallan  
246 101 months ago Missing "add()" method in bocca exception handling, when "upgrading" bocca...? chatting jeeembo baallan
245 103 months ago 'remove interface' does not properly handle dependees in-progress sptramer norris
203 104 months ago java component build brokenness chatting baallan baallan
239 104 months ago tutorial tests still refer to old cvs-based dir structure chatting norris baallan
213 106 months ago inheritance problem with dummy methods chatting baallan baallan
172 107 months ago nightly tests needed in-progress norris  
212 110 months ago speed kills (gmake) chatting baallan  
215 112 months ago doc needed somewhere unread baallan  
22 115 months ago component/port/pkg/interface/class (type) rename needed chatting baallan  
171 119 months ago need change component/class tests unread norris  
165 120 months ago get mpi settings from ccaffeine and things up the chain for mpi tests chatting norris  
111 120 months ago import-sidl fails when importing bocca generated SIDL done-cbb elwasif  
159 120 months ago make output nit chatting baallan  
44 123 months ago pychecker warnings making debugging harder unread baallan  
223 104 months ago cleaning projects done-cbb baallan anonymous
232 106 months ago deployment metadata include "built-with" for each library chatting baallan  
207 115 months ago -l mode for edit chatting baallan  
205 115 months ago regression test needed for bocca edit -t unread baallan  
75 115 months ago remove component is needed chatting baallan elwasif
195 116 months ago enum create with values unread baallan  
181 119 months ago cmake plugin for builder chatting baallan  
174 119 months ago automake builder plugin required chatting baallan  
169 119 months ago Better indentation of generated code chatting bernhold  
145 119 months ago bocca history track/project recreation chatting baallan  
167 120 months ago generalize 'preloaded' packages per bocca configuration unread baallan  
163 120 months ago test suite items needed for external sidl use chatting norris  
158 120 months ago parallel build support unread norris  
156 120 months ago build hooks test suite items needed. unread baallan  
149 120 months ago import-sidl is not bocca-aware enough chatting baallan  
150 120 months ago bocca edit needs preprocessor option unread baallan  
39 120 months ago revision control interface chatting norris  
138 121 months ago parameterport needs to be supported unread baallan  
136 121 months ago --with-mpi to automatically use mpiservice unread baallan baallan
105 121 months ago fortran data and exceptions (f77_31) chatting baallan baallan
104 121 months ago bocca gmake template should create/maintain env. settings files chatting norris  
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