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683 50 months ago possible memory leak chatting nrbarton  
623 95 months ago Babel opaques? unread epperly  
687 4 months ago 2016_08_02 newest Babel "make check" fais on 64bit openSUSE Linux chatting martin_vahi  
621 91 months ago subversion dependency intentional? chatting baallan epperly
513 104 months ago Incorrect babel.make.depends file for F90 deferred norris norris
554 107 months ago Broken link to SC07 Babel tutorial (fwd) in-progress epperly kumfert
514 113 months ago Babel doesn't work with g95 unread epperly  
667 90 months ago HTML generation broken chatting epperly epperly
666 90 months ago potential problem with fortran 90 rarrays and _recv_2s subroutines testing nrbarton epperly
628 93 months ago numpy deprecation warnings chatting epperly epperly
626 94 months ago configure optimistic about python chatting baallan  
624 95 months ago HTML Babel Users' Guide doesn't have proper double hyphens chatting epperly epperly
619 96 months ago Gantlet Testing Weirdness...? chatting jeeembo dahlgren1
620 96 months ago An Actual Bug - "make run-gantlet" is failing on RHEL4... chatting jeeembo  
618 97 months ago F90 super methods not name mangled. chatting epperly epperly
617 98 months ago Babel doesn't build on surveyor (BG/P) chatting epperly epperly
603 99 months ago introducing libtool versioning breaks downstream java builds for no apparent benefit chatting baallan epperly
600 99 months ago configure --disable-cxx doesn't work, and this isn't documented chatting leek2  
129 99 months ago python/java -l generation bug done-cbb baallan norris
476 99 months ago AIX Java trouble on 64-bit machine (uP) chatting epperly kumfert
605 100 months ago LDFLAGS used in LLNL autoconf macros are nonstandard unread leek2  
599 100 months ago FCLIBS & FLIBS screwed up for me in r6491 chatting johan epperly
595 100 months ago babel tracker emails misformatted chatting baallan epperly
594 100 months ago Trouble "make check"ing on OSX leopard chatting epperly kumfert
590 101 months ago Configure problem with --enable-java and JAVAC environment variable chatting norris epperly
438 103 months ago More object/epv clarification please done-cbb epperly dahlgren1
580 104 months ago AIX nightly build failing chatting epperly epperly
579 104 months ago C++ deleteRef() wrapper does not allow further calls to an object chatting tramer kumfert
573 104 months ago Array dimension (and other information) not correctly passed to Serialize::packTArray methods chatting tramer leek2
551 106 months ago python splicer tags incomplete chatting baallan  
564 106 months ago C++ complex math configure tests chatting epperly kumfert
542 107 months ago do-delete splicerlike tags confusing. rename. chatting baallan kumfert
319 107 months ago Babel configure problem (nag fortran) done-cbb rogermc epperly
560 107 months ago babel-libtool not regenerated upon reconfiguration chatting epperly  
545 111 months ago f90 mod: more splices needed? chatting baallan  
532 111 months ago Strange strings with Java/C++ interface unread epperly  
529 111 months ago f77_31 binding installation faulty chatting baallan  
528 111 months ago f77_31 not echoed by babel-config,babel in describing supported languages. chatting baallan  
501 112 months ago Inherited static hook methods probably don't work properly unread leek2  
525 112 months ago asymmetry in fortrans' treatment chatting baallan  
518 113 months ago libparsifal seg faults if it runs out of file descriptos unread leek2  
507 114 months ago with-sidlx=no builds some sidlx stuff unread leek2  
480 115 months ago Babel with g++ 4.2 C++ needs -fno-strict-aliasing chatting epperly epperly
481 116 months ago configure messes up the MPI flags on LLNL Tux mpich chatting leek2 kumfert
447 119 months ago assorted build warnings on gcc 4.1.2 chatting baallan dahlgren1
197 119 months ago Make --disable-cxx work (or make Babel work with all languages except C disabled) chatting epperly kumfert
444 119 months ago problem in installing babel-1.0.2 done-cbb babel  
425 119 months ago splicer block naming deferred baallan epperly
431 120 months ago Babel method overload/extension syntax and User Guide BNF inconsistiency (?) chatting dahlgren1  
409 121 months ago documentation comment incompatibilities with doc++ chatting painter  
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