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The CCA Forum is a group committed to defining a standard component architecture for high performance computing. Please email the webmaster for suggestions about this site.


This page provides links to software pertaining to CCA Forum activites. Links to components can be found in the Component Directory.

CCA Tools

A number of CCA tools are available in single, easy to build tar file (sometimes referred to as the Sumo Tarball). This includes everything you should need to build and run your own CCA components:

  • Chasm - an F90 interoperability library from Los Alamos.
  • Babel/SIDL - an object oriented language interoperabilty interface definition language.
  • CCA Specification - The Common Component Architecture Specification for high performance components.
  • Ccaffeine - a CCA framework compliant with the CCA specification.
  • Ccaffeine GUI - A Graphical User Interface that works with Ccaffeine.
This Sumo tarball also comes with its own build system. Please read the README that comes with it!

If your object is to create your own components then this is a great place to start. Additionally you will likely want the documentation that will walk you through creating F90, C, and C++ components and also the tutorial source template code (look for the latest tutorial-src*.tar.gz compressed tar). This has some simple pre-defined components and an easy mechanism to add your own components that will install in the canonical places.

Tutorial Examples

Source code and documentation for the latest CCA Tutorials can be found here. You will need to install the CCA tools (see above) and the tutorial source code (which also serves as a template for new components). Please contact with questions or problems.



The Ccaffeine framework is available as part of the Sumo Tarball (above). Incredibly out of date documentation is available and is still useful for understanding how Ccaffeine works. The tutorial documentation is a better place to look for up to date execution behavior.

Language Interoperability (Babel/SIDL)

Software pertaining to the Scientific Interface Definition Language (SIDL) and CCA language interoperability tool Babel can be obtained from the Babel software web site.


What is the magic incantation that one has to speak to get tutorial/src/cca-spec/f90 to compile?

On Thu, 2004-10-07 at 14:31, Walsh, Edward wrote:
What is the magic incantation that one has to speak to get tutorial/src/cca-spec/f90 to compile?

This information is for the intel f90 version 8 compiler only:

Make sure that you have F90 compiled into the cca-tools.
To do this:
  • make sure that the F90 compiler, "ifort" is in your path.
  • read the README to understand how to do ./configure:
    • pay attention to the two config options:
    • make sure that the F90 lib is in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH (e.g. /opt/intel_fc_80/lib).

  • make sure that javac/java/jar is in your path.

After you build and install cca-tools put "/wherever/you/installed/cca-tools/bin" in your path.
Now back to the tutorial-src tree:
./configure --with-languages="c c++ f90 python" 

Afterwards you may wish to test the whole shebang with:
make check

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